The charger is easy and safe to use, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The portable solar panel charger comes with an adapter with a standard USB socket, USB Quick Charge 3.0 port and Type-C output. A LED light on the adapter tells you there is enough solar power to charge your devices. Thanks to a variety of available connector sizes, the unit is compatible with most portable power stations. A portable power station’s battery can convert and store solar power during the day to be used at night. The extremely compact foldable design allows for easy carrying with one hand. This easy-to-use unit folds into a convenient bag, is secured with plastic fasteners and is transported with a handle. Devices to be charged fit easily into the zippered pocket while keeping them safe and clean. The ability to operate in a partially unfolded state allows the solar panel charger to be used in confined spaces or on the move. The units are equipped with additional stands for easy placement when unfolded. We offer customers and partners comprehensive after-sales support and an international warranty. We make high quality, reliability and operational safety of our products our highest priority. The Könner & Söhnen portable solar panel charger is your decent investment in a sustainable future and your lifeline in case of emergencies.

The model has the following features:

  • noiseless portable solar panel charger is powered by clean and free solar energy
  • solar panel elements are made of high-quality monocrystalline silicon, which ensures high efficiency of converting light energy into electricity and a long service life
  • thanks to a variety of available connector sizes, the unit is compatible with various devices
  • extremely compact foldable lightweight design
  • carrying handle for easy and convenient handling
  • lisaalused, et lahtivoldituna oleks lihtne paigutada.